Chapbook, 12 pages (11 cm w x 21.5 cm h)
Artdog Press, 1990
ISBN: 0-921989-08-3

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"Nothin so chafes the neck as the rope a man is hung by." A country and western gothic.

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“They buried the bones in the garden again, this time in a locked wooden box. When they dug up the box next spring there were teeth marks on the wood but the bones were still inside. For this the old man and his young wife were glad, but later that summer the wife she died and the old man put her in the box with the other bones. The wooden box the old man hid under the floor of the dog damn shackle house and there it remained. That winter a chair fell over and the old man hanged himself until he was dead then he cut himself down and clumb into the box to join his wife and child under the floorboards.”