The Beautiful Dead End soundtrack


Original novel soundtrack
51 minutes audio CD
Produced by Clint Hutzulak
Mutasis Records, September 2005

Top 30 electronic, rock and jazz charts across Canada
Named 2005 Top 101 of the Year and Top 10 Local album on CFUV


The instrumental music on The Beautiful Dead End/Point mort ranges from dark electro-acoustic chamber improvisations to spacey country ambience to glitch-ravaged studio mixtophonics. The album features 23 musicians from Canada and Italy, some of whom record and tour with Carolyn Mark, Neko Case, Leeroy Stagger, David P. Smith, Run Chico Run, Jeremy Fisher, Dixie’s Death Pool, and Lee Hutzulak.

The album was conceived as a soundtrack accompanying the novel The Beautiful Dead End. Inspired as much by Barry Adamson’s soundtrack for an imaginary film, Moss Side Story, as by soundtracks for Derek Jarman’s and Wim Wenders’ films, writer/producer Clint Hutzulak brought together musicians to put onto tape music that could evoke the world created in the pages of The Beautiful Dead End. Players include some of the cream of Victoria’s alt-country scene, Vancouver’s improvisers, and Italy’s chamber musicians, who contributed solo or ensemble pieces for the album.