Uncertain Landscapes for Uncertain Times

Monday Magazine, January 30, 2003
Review by Wendy Welch

A review of "...and uncertain light", Open Space, January 16 - February 14, 2003

"(...) As part of this exhibition, local author Clint Hutzulak has also created an accompanying chapbook inspired by the photographs in "...and uncertain light." This artistic collaboration reiterates the show's attempt to broaden the interpretative scope of "landscape;" Hutzulak's text creates small literary spaces which refer back to not only narrative and allegorical traditions in landscape painting but also to the dark, foreboding natural places in fairy tales. Like Clark's photographs, Hutzulak's short stories reveal a darkness that is very ordinary, almost banal. His text locates the photograph to a particular place — a place we know all too well through our everyday fears and nightmares.
"Indeed, "...and uncertain light" is a fascinating exhibition because it takes an age-old tradition — landscape art — and connects it to the time we are living in now. It's an exciting example of artistic collaboration, and of the relationship and intersection between visual and verbal languages. "...and uncertain light" locates the landscape genre in a contemporary context, giving us landscapes that are not only beautiful but also ominous, uncertain and perhaps a little too real."

Copyright 2003 by Wendy Welch